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Logan Weber

Motivational Speaker

Logan Weber's dynamic and relevant presentations have led to opportunities to work with some of the nation’s top companies like Cintas, Toyota, Idealease, Southern Company, and more. Logan has keynoted the School Nutrition Association’s and FBLA-PBL’s National Leadership Conferences, as well as dozens of statewide conferences in nutrition, healthcare, and education in Georgia, California, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Washington State, and Maine, Just to name a few. Finally, Logan is the co-author of the best-selling book, “Sticks and Stones Exposed: The Power of Our Words,” and he also hosts The More Different Podcast where he shares real life stores, and positive life truths.

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What People Are Saying About Logan Weber

You did an outstanding job and were phenomenal!! You are experiential speaking at its best, delivering and creating an impactful, long lasting memory, not to mention the context of motivating others which is much needed in the world we live in!! As more companies are trying to identify with “Millennials and Generation Z”, I think you represent them well and would very much be an asset in how to change course and be more attractive to those groups that are the future. I have no hesitation in recommending you as my main Go To speaker. I too look very forward to our paths crossing again!

Michael Blake

Program Manager, Eventful Meeting Management

If I was forced to pick ONE thing I found "best" about working with Logan Weber, it would be the unparalleled and unique energy he brings not only on the stage but in ANY encounter you have with him. Logan, unlike a lot of speakers today, truly "walks the walk" and actually implements in his own life the strategies and character he discusses on stage. His energy can only be matched by his authenticity, and both make working with Logan not just a joyful experience but an impactful one, too.

Maria Granados

Eagle U. Executive Director

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Logan! His energy and ability to connect with everyone in the audience was pure artistry. His taking the time to connect on a professional level, understand our organization and weave those findings into his presentation was thoughtful and an example of what it looks like to exceed expectations for an encounter of this magnitude! You can tell he has a genuine passion for the work that he does and has a natural gift to empower the lives of others.

Jesse Owens

HR, Georgia Power Company


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