I Am NOT Stressed Out!

Are you waking up at 3:00 am with your "to-do" list racing through your mind and your heart racing in your chest?

Is your heavy activity list preventing you from setting priorities?

If so, you might be stressed out!

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify the various levels of stress.
  • Identify personal stressors.
  • Manage stress levels better and develop an action plan.

This fun, interactive workshop helps participants discover the causes, symptoms, and cures of stress in their lives including: Building Your Own Stress Profile (self-analytical instrument), Calculating Your Life Expectancy (Yikes!), 20 Ways to Reduce Stress, 25 Rules of Low Stress Living and a Stress Management Action Plan.

Course Outline
  • The 4 stages of stress
  • What stress does to you
  • Building your own stress profile (self-analytical instrument)
  • Calculating your life expectancy (Yikes!)
  • Are you burning out?
  • Cures for managing stress at work and home
  • 20 ways to reduce stress
  • 25 rules of low stress living
  • Stress management action plan