Overcoming Life's Goliaths

Entrepreneurs, visionaries, and even organizations have ‘Goliaths’—barriers, challenges, and obstacles blocking the path to their goals. Rather than running from them in fear, or behaving as if they don’t exist, the most successful among us have used one secret to rise above every challenge—and it is available to all of us! In this wild re-telling of the classic story, Logan reveals how to face down your Goliaths by shifting your vision from the obstacles in your way to the rewards awaiting you in the future —a secret that’s been in the story all along.

While everyone remembers that David, an unlikely hero, overcame Goliath, very few people realize the leadership concepts he used and how we can utilize those same principles to help us today. A few of the strategies discussed include:

  • The importance of shifting your vision
  • How to deal with setbacks
  • The power of attitude
  • Coming together as a team to accomplish great things

As every audience is different so, too, is every "Goliath" presentation. Specifically customized to your group or event, we will work with you to tailor the content to perfectly align with the unique challenges your participants face as well as any theme your meeting may have.

This presentation is fast paced, interactive, and fun. Overcoming Life's Goliaths is the perfect way to kick off a function and set a positive, upbeat tone or close out an event sending everyone away with a renewed sense of vision and purpose.