Rock Your Future

Some Goliaths meet us at school—the pressure to make the grade or win the game, dealing with students or teachers that seem like they’re out to get you, or finding someone to sit with in the cafeteria. Other Goliaths are waiting for us at home—our relationships with our parents, or the negative voices that tell us we’ll never make it. While some run away in fear, or act as if these giants don’t exist, we have to face them in order to reach the goals we have for the future. In this wild re-telling of the classic story, Logan reveals how to shift your vision from the obstacles in your way to the rewards awaiting you in the future —a secret that’s been in the story all along.

Because we know the challenges facing each student body are different, every “Rock Your Future” presentation is different too. We will work with you to customize this program to address the unique challenges your community faces. Discover what a teenage shepherd boy (along with some modern-day Davids) can teach all of us about the power of vision, shifting your focus, and tuning out the dream-stealers in your life. It truly doesn’t take any fancy life coaching or lucky breaks to rock your future.

Perfect for a keynote, student rally, or call to action, the presentation is endlessly flexible for all kinds of events and students of all ages. Students will get caught up in the story as Logan assigns them a role—even the ones sitting on the back row! Prepare to hear this ancient story like you’ve never heard it before…and you’ll never forget it!