I'm Spread So Thin...You Can See Through Me!

We now live in a society that is truly 24-7-365 and most people will quickly tell you that there is more on their plate than ever. To help stay on top of all those details, many have acquired the latest devices, software, programs, or apps to assist them. Smartphones, tablets & iPads, Google, and Microsoft Outlook are some of the hottest tools that busy people have obtained...and these are all great tools. The problem is that most people continue to do what they have always done...they just do with a new device.

You see, when it comes to personal technology, most people are self-taught...and self-taught equals gaps. The real challenge isn’t how to use this technology (most folks can do that) but rather, “how do I get out of these new tools what I want”.

Here is what most people are looking for:

  • How to manage every detail of their life,
  • How to never have something fall through the cracks, and
  • How to be able to find information that “I know I put somewhere” in this tool.

Weber Associates has the process

We have identified the critical success skills and key functionality needed to maximize the impact of all these tools. As participants learn our process, their devices are transformed into a command control center of events, information, contacts, activities, notes, and to do’s.

Our TimeLink™ solution is a simple and ‘streamlined’ process that can be learned in a few hours and implemented immediately. Additionally, due to the fact that most people today use multiple tools simultaneously, our process transcends one type of device and can actually be implemented in several at the same time.

Workshop Outline/Description

As the sheer volume of responsibilities and workload has grown, everyone is being asked to do more, with less, faster, cheaper, safer, and better. Most busy people have more on their plate than ever and have acquired all kinds of tools in their search for help in managing all the details. This workshop teaches how to use these new devices to manage all those details and never have anything fall through the cracks!


The introduction sets the table for the rest of the program. It is very interactive, upbeat, fast, and funny. Specific issues discussed are:

  • The 5 Ways Choices are Made
  • The Habit Modification Process
  • The Key to Success or Failure
  • The 3 Critical Components
  • The Secret Behind Tools
  • Smartphones, Tablets/iPads, Paper, Software Programs (Google, Outlook)

Principle #1 - Consolidation

This section lays the foundation upon which the rest of the workshop will be built.

Challenge: How do I keep track of all my meetings, commitments, communication, follow-ups, and all the other details of my life?

Key: A Complete Organization System

Participants will learn the 3 critical components that comprise a complete personal organization system and how to most effectively use them to manage volumes of information, events, and activities.

  • The Complete Device
  • The 3 Master Components
  • Mastering Electronic Filing
  • Mastering Tasks, To-Dos, and Reminders
  • Mastering Events and Appointments
  • Mastering Notes and Documentation

Principle #2 – Documentation and Retrieval

This section addresses the organizational “blind spot” of most busy people.

Challenge: How do I quickly and easily document information (notes from phone calls, meetings, appointments, etc.) so that when I need it again I can easily retrieve it?

Key: Information Control

Participants will walk through a case study during which they will learn the 3 R’s of information control:

  • How to Record it?
  • How to Retain it?
  • How to Retrieve it?

Principle #3 – Follow Up

Follow up is one of the most important skills that busy people need to master—especially when the volume of commitments continually seem to grow.

Challenge: I fear that something will fall “through the cracks.” How do I earn the right to forget and know that an item will receive proper and timely follow up?

Key: TimeLink™

The technique of TimeLinking™ is undoubtedly one of the most powerful skills participants will learn as it relates to the management and follow up of commitments. In this section, participants will learn the 3 critical “W” questions to ensure that no item will ever fall through the cracks. Mastering this technique alone will increase the quality and volume of an individual’s work.

  • What to do?
  • When to do it?
  • Where is the information?

Principle #4 – The Battle for the Inbox

For many, email has become a giant black hole into which entire days can be lost. The volume of email alone has left many feeling totally defeated as they stare at Inboxes with hundreds or even thousands of emails in them.

Challenge: How do I stay on top of all my email and create a simple process for filing and finding it?

Key: The 4 D's of Email Management

Participants will learn a simple, easy to implement process for managing email.

  • Attacking the Inbox
  • Filing and Finding Email
  • The 4 D’s of Email Management
  • Creating and Using Folders
  • The Secret of Sorting
  • Inbox vs. Mailbox - Keeping it clear

"We all enjoyed the presentation and information from Logan. Everyone learned some valuable skills and had positive things to say about the workshop." - Jana Merritt - Director of Curriculum, Bacon County Schools

"I entered this meeting with a negative attitude based on past time management workshops. This was outstanding. I would recommend it to anyone." - FedEx - Atlanta, GA