The Winner In You

More than ever before, providing "best in class" service has become a necessity. Whether you are serving internal or external customers, students, or clients, what differentiates one organization from another may truly boil down to the professionalism and attitude of its people. This fast, fun, and highly interactive 1-3 hour seminar zeroes in on some of the critical issues needed to meet and exceed everyone's expectations.

  • Who is the Customer?
  • The Top 14 characteristics of Professionals
  • First Impressions - Make or Break
  • We Learned All the important stuff in Kindergarten
  • Practice Makes Permanent (Not Perfect)
  • Excellence - An Act or a Habit
  • The Power of the Tongue
  • The Number 1 Secret of Professionals
  • The 6 Most Powerful Words in the English Language
  • The Key Trait All Winners Possess

In the frenzied pace of today, it is easy to forget the impact that actions, reactions, and behaviors have on the perceptions others have of an organization.

Using large group discussion, small groups, teams, activities, cartoons, and visuals this workshop will help to refocus everyone on doing the "right things."

Change is what we stake our reputation on...

  • changed attitudes
  • changed perceptions
  • changed behaviors, and
  • changed lives.

"Training which brings about no change is as effective as a parachute which opens on the first bounce."