The X Factor

Students make up the majority of a school’s population—but they rarely believe that they have the power to lead others or change school culture. What is the ‘secret sauce’ that takes you from being a so-called ordinary student and transforms you into a leader and influencer? Logan calls it the X-Factor— the key principles that make students people of influence!

This presentation will challenge the way you think about leadership, and inspire you to make a difference in your school.Based on the premise that you don’t have to have a title to be a leader…Logan shows that students can be leaders because they are a person of ‘influence.’ He’ll share a few key principles that all begin with the letter ‘X’! These include:

  • X-tract a Dream (staying in school, graduating, getting a higher education)
  • X-tend a Helping Hand (learning how to cultivate an anti-bullying culture)
  • X-pose Yourself to Winners (surrounding yourself with positive influencers such as mentors & teachers), etc.

Then, he’ll reveal the pattern that every successful person follows—we call it the Cycle of Awesome.

This fast, fun, and highly interactive session is sure to impact all of the participants. Using humor, real-life stories, and interactive activities everyone gains insight on: The Power of Goals, Getting Out of Ruts, the Impact of Role Models, Supporting One Another, and Believing in their Potential.