Participant Testimonials

What I liked about today was how you incorporated stories and jokes into your lesson. It makes the information easier to understand and follow. .


12th Grade Student

If I was forced to pick ONE thing I found "best" about working with Logan Weber, it would be the unparalleled and unique energy he brings not only on the stage but in ANY encounter you have with him. Logan, unlike a lot of speakers today, truly "walks the walk" and actually implements in his own life the strategies and character he discusses on stage. His energy can only be matched by his authenticity, and both make working with Logan not just a joyful experience but an impactful one, too.

Maria Granados

Eagle U. Executive Director

He is super cool. Very positive, can-do, communicates well, and took our suggestions for content to heart and made changes as appropriate. showed up early, was very energetic, and adapted his presentation to meet our timing needs at the last minute.

Dietrich Sauer

Executive Director of Human Resources

One great thing about working with Logan was that his passion and positivity shined through every interaction he had with students and staff. Logan’s overall message in his presentation connected perfectly to the culture we are building.

Kara Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Logan was very energetic and went out of his way to welcome and connect with individual students. We hope to see him again in the near future.

Sarah Humboldt

Principal, Blackhawk Middle School

You inspired me to use what you taught me today, to relate and connect better with other people. You also taught me to choose an attitude that I want others to emulate, that I would be proud of .You also reinforced the mindset of setting goals and driving to achieve them.



Logan was very impressive and is such a good person with a powerful message. He was very relaxed and comfortable in his own skin and he connected with our kids in a way I haven’t seen in my educational career. They loved him and heard what he was trying to tell them...he even ate lunch with them between his presentations. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a positive message for their kids. He was phenomenal.

Jason Cary

Principal, Peru High School

What I liked best about today was that the speech was overall very exciting and intriguing. I enjoyed how you let us get up and play games. Unlike the other speakers, we were included in the presentations a lot.


10th Grade Student

Logan was a HUGE hit with our students…high energy, high relevance, and high connection…he was the perfect fit!! Already looking forward to having him come back!!”

Jan Daniels

Children's Coalition

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Logan! His energy and ability to connect with everyone in the audience was pure artistry. His taking the time to connect on a professional level, understand our organization and weave those findings into his presentation was thoughtful and an example of what it looks like to exceed expectations for an encounter of this magnitude! You can tell he has a genuine passion for the work that he does and has a natural gift to empower the lives of others.

Jesse Owens

HR, Georgia Power Company

We enjoyed having Logan with us! This is the first time we have had a professional speaker present to the student body. We have had FCA speakers, but none during a school assembly since I have been principal (5 year stretch). Logan took time at the end of the high school session to hang out and speak with a handful of kids that searched him out. He had no problem mingling and discussing students’ issues and getting them in the right direction for help and healing. A group of students led a prayer with Logan and looked for guidance from him for issues of life. They thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kyle Windham

Principal, Frostproof Jr/Sr High School

Great show today! Keep up the great work. Something I am going to do differently is be nicer and talk to people more often. And also always SMILE!


10th Grade Student

Logan was fantastic to work with. He is very organized, professional and well prepared to speak. He did a great job relating to our students and keeping them engaged and active for an entire hour. ​Being younger and closer to our students' age he was better able to draw them in with his stories and anecdotes about life choices. He was open and honest with our students and they responded with focused attention. Logan Weber is a young up-and-coming speaker who gets my highest recommendation. He is not yet so "polished" as to be viewed as just another "salesman" by the students, but rather a genuine young man who has some simple, good advice for making better choices and being a better person.​ He was here only a few weeks ago and his message has had a positive impact on our student body already.

Rob Taylor

Principal, Reedsburg High School

Working with Logan was a pleasure! He is young and easy for middle school students to relate to. Students were captivated by his story and hung on every word that he said. He really helped our students think about how to overcome the obstacles and set goals in their lives!

Dr. Angela Hargis

Principal, Westside Middle School

We loved having Logan present to the students! He is a first class act with a great message! He was very engaging and kept the students attention the entire time. He even stayed after the presentation and took pictures with some students!

Denise Anderson

Superintendent, Bovina Independent School District